Custom Apparel

Are you looking for high quality custom apparel for your brand or community? Then you have found the right place!


  • Starter
  • $ 9.99
    • Basic Products page
    • Webpage link located at the bottom of Influencers section
    • One on one product and page design
    • Products are built from your logos and designs
    • Only basic products available: Shirts, Hoodies, Hats
    • payent via bank transfer or paypal
    • Customer Support
  • best Premium
  • $ 39.99
    • links to social media
    • Custom built page with one on one support
    • Unlimited page redesigns
    • Product design help
    • Products are built from your logos and designs
    • Given priority to new products and designs
    • Webpage link is locked at the top of the influencers section
    • Includes Basic and Upgraded products
    • Increased product options such as specialty items: posters, towels, mouse pads, and more
    • More discounts on products
    • Customizable Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Live Instagram feed
    • Customer Support
    • More coming soon
  • Business
  • $ 29.99
    • Single prebuilt page with products and links to social media
    • Webpage is located in the middle of the influencers section
    • Basic description included with page
    • limited page redesigns
    • increased product options: including basic products, mugs, kids clothing
    • Product discounts
    • Products are built from your logos and designs
    • Customer Support

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