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About Us

For Trail Builders By Trail Builders

Pirate Trails is the ultimate clothing brand for trail crews and riders alike. Pirate Trails gear lets everyone know that you spent the day making the trails better. Pirate Trails is rooted in building gnarly DH and Enduro tracks not for the faint of heart.

Hand Printed

All of our custom apparel is hand printed in Boone, NC. We do this to ensure that each and every shirt has that custom feel to it, so you aren’t getting just a normal t-shirt. This also allows us to do our own quality control to make sure you are getting the best quality apparel.

Custom Prints

Pirate Trails now offers custom printing for all riders, teams, and influencers. We are now hosting a place for all influencers and teams to sell their own apparel. We offer up to four color prints for both the front and back of the garments and many other things.

The Founder

Pirate Trails was founded by Wil McTier. He found his passion for mountain biking at the begining of his freshman year of high school. During his junior year of high school he founded Pirate Trails because of his love for trail building. He has worked for several trail crews over the years and founded Pirate Trails in the hopes of spreading the love of trail building to as many people as possible.